microsoft_edge_browserIn the latest Windows 10 test build, Microsoft finally introduced extensions to its Edge browser. Not many are available right now, but we suppose it’s a good start. However given that different browsers are made differently, just because one extension works for one browser doesn’t mean that it will work for another.

So the question is, will developers be inclined to develop for the Edge browser versus other platforms like Chrome or Firefox? That might still be a bit too soon to tell, but according to a recent tweet (via Engadget) by Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager Jacob Rossi, it seems that Microsoft is working on a tool that will allow developers to port their Chrome extensions into Edge.

According to Rossi, “Lots of questions on this: yes we’re working on a porting tool to run Chrome extensions in Edge. Not yet finished and not all APIs supported.” This is no doubt good news and something that we guess developers will be able to take advantage of. Granted creating a native extension for Edge would be ideal, but in the meantime developers trying to spread their extension can get it out first.

No word on when the next Windows 10 update will be released, but it has been speculated that it might be arriving in June so we guess Windows 10 users will still have to wait several months before they can see extension support in Edge.

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