Star Wars fans have long dreamed up communicating via holograms like they do in Star Wars but that hasn’t really been possible. Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality technology holds promise and the company has been showing off the various ways in which this technology can prove to be useful. It turns out that this technology is very useful if you want to communicate via hologram, just like they do in Star Wars.


This is part of a new research project at Microsoft called “Holoportation.” A live hologram of a subject is created by using a massive array of 3D cameras which capture the subject’s movements and speech in real time.

The hologram is created and then projected into another room where the subject is not physically present and yet people in that room with a HoloLens headset can not only see the hologram but also interact with it. The video posted above shows just how this works and how cool it looks.

This is far from a consumer product right now. A significant amount of hardware is needed to make this happen, not to mention computing power, and it will take some time before such a solution can be made suitable for the mass market.

It’s a step forward, nonetheless, towards a future where you and I will finally be able to communicate via hologram. Now if only they could make a real lightsaber.

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