When it comes to ad blocking, it used to be that users had to download a third-party app or a browser extension. However these days we are starting to see companies such as Mozilla, Samsung, and even ASUS offer up native ad blocking capabilities. Now for those who are looking for more alternatives, you will be pleased to learn that Opera has joined the list.

According to Opera, they claim to be the first major browser vendor to integrate ad blocking technology to their browser. “We are the first major browser vendor to integrate an ad-blocking feature, but this development should be a no surprise to anyone given the rising popularity of ad-blocking software and even Apple allowing it on its platform.”

We suppose that is true, given that previously what we have seen are ad blocking capabilities for mobile devices, but Opera’s ad blocking comes built into its desktop browser. According to the company, they state that ad blocking will be deactivated by default. Instead when browsing, Opera will detect if a website has ads that can be blocked and will notify users if they wish to block ads for a particular website.

This might actually be better rather than issuing a blanket block. This allow users to continue to support websites that they frequent, but at the same time block ads on websites that get a bit out of hand. Note that this feature is currently in the developer build of the browser, meaning that if you are using the public release, you won’t see it yet, but you can take the developer version for a spin if you are interested.

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