htc-vive-leaked-1While Valve does not have a virtual reality headset of their own, they did work together with HTC on creating the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset that is largely expected to see a release come April 2016. Now the question is in terms of games available and compatible with the headset, just how many are there?


The good news is that if you have bought and play many of your games on Steam, it looks like pretty much any game will be compatible with the headset. This was announced in a Steam Client Beta update in which it was announced that Valve had added Desktop Game Theater support to the Steam platform.

According to the post, Desktop Game Theater support means that you can “run any of your normal desktop games and have them appear on a giant virtual screen in your headset. Any game that supports Steam Broadcast should work with this feature, some tuning of the games graphical settings may be required for the best experience.”

It has also been noted that this feature is in beta, so there could be some instances where it won’t work as advertised. “This feature is currently in beta and can be accessed by adding “-vr2dgames” the command line when launching Steam.” Of course it would have been much better if games were designed to be played in VR at the start, but we reckon this is probably a pretty good start.

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