For more than a year now we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple is working on a car. The rumor doesn’t seem too convincing when you consider the fact that Apple has never built a car before and that it’s in a fundamentally different sector. Nevertheless, there appears to be some evidence to support the theory, as Apple is believed to have hired hundreds of engineers from some of the top car companies for this project. Even the CEO of Ford is under the assumption that Apple is indeed working on a car.

Apple is certainly not going to be the only tech company interested in making cars. Google has been experimenting with self-driving car technology for years and it has even created its own prototype. Recently Google and Ford were reported to be negotiating a possible contract manufacturing agreement for the former’s self-driving cars.

“Our working assumption is that they are [working on a car],” said Ford CEO Mark Fields when asked if Apple was working on a car, he was also asked if the company would consider manufacturing cars for Google on contract but Ford doesn’t appear to be thrilled about that idea.

Fields didn’t rule out the possibility of working with other companies particularly on cars of the future but the company wouldn’t want to be just a contract manufacturer for them. It’s developing robust self-driving tech of its own which is even capable of driving itself in pitch black.

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