GoPro today introduced a new virtual reality camera rig it calls the Omni. The rig is basically made out of a hollowed cube which contains a Hero4 Black camera on each side. It has a total of six cameras that capture footage simultaneously and when all of this footage is stitched together it ends up creating one single 360-degree video that can then be viewed in virtual reality with a headset.

GoPro hasn’t confirmed how much it’s going to charge for the rig but considering the fact that it holds six of the best cameras that it sells, prices are likely to be north of $2000.

Nevertheless, this appears to be a more affordable option for the market as GoPro’s previous virtual reality rig is aimed at professionals. The Odyssey rig costs $15,000 and with its 16 Hero4 Black cameras plus accessories it’s not the best of options for everybody.

The fact remains that there will be even cheaper options on the market soon. Samsung recently unveiled the Gear 360 which is also capable of recording 360-degree video, LG has launched a similar product, they may not provide the same quality as GoPro’s cameras but they certainly get the job done for a lower price.

GoPro hasn’t confirmed as yet when the Omni is going to be released, it’s going to showcase the rig at a major production trade show in about two weeks, so perhaps it will expand more on pricing and availability at the show.

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