The goal of air purifiers is as the name implies, to purify the air around you. If you live in a particularly busy city that’s full of cars and pollutants, then an air purifier might come in handy, or if you’re particularly sensitive and allergic to certain things in the air, an air purifier might help make your life a bit easier.

Now we have seen many air purifiers in the past, but there is a new player in the market called Sprimo and one of the ways it stands out from the competition is that it can tell the user what’s in the air. For example if you find yourself sneezing or coughing a fair bit recently, you can use Sprimo to find out if there might be new irritants/particles in the air that might be causing your recent health issues.

This is thanks to the built-in air filter that users can send back to the company for more detailed analysis. If you’re not after a detailed analysis, the device will still be able to give you some kind of measurement by offering up a score between 0 to 100 in terms of the air quality rating. Unfortunately the Sprimo is not cheap.

The device is currently on Crowd Supply, a crowdfunding website in which its creators are hoping to raise as much as $250,000. Customers will need to pledge at least $319 to nab themselves the device upon its release, which right now has been pegged for 2017. For more details watch the video above or hit up Crowd Supply to pledge your support.

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