Movie adaptations of video games are typically met with skepticism. After all what we’ve seen in the past few years certainly leaves a lot to be desired, but it looks like Rovio’s Angry Birds movie is one of the few adaptations that has broken free of that stereotype and in the process, has managed to break some records too.

While the movie did seem like a cash grab on an ailing franchise, the star-studded cast featuring Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, and Danny McBride has helped elevate the movie to hilarious levels, some of which you can see for yourself in the trailer above. According to Rovio, the movie ha managed to gross $43 million so far and has shot straight to number 1 in 37 markets.

It has also set a record May opening for an original animated film. It should be noted that all of this was achieved even though the movie had yet to hit more major markets such as the US and China, and we can only imagine that when it does, those numbers will skyrocket even further. After all over in China, they have their own Angry Birds theme park, which last we checked was not official (but that was in 2011).

According to Rovio, “Strong critical reception and great word of mouth ignited the box office on Saturday as The Angry Birds Movie displayed huge increases from Friday, suggesting a long and, dare we say it, happy run for the film.” The movie is expected to make its way to cinemas in the US, China, and South Korea come 20th of May.

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