If you’re looking to get your kids into programming at a young age to dispel the notion that such endeavors are only for “nerds”, there are plenty of ways to go about that. There are online courses, camps, and apps, all of which are designed to help get children into programming in a fun way.


However if you want your kids to be able to build things using their own hands and learn to program at the same time, there is a Kickstarter project for a wearable called the Mover Kit. This is a wearable device that kids will be able to put together themselves or with the help of their parents. It is also programmable which means that children will be able to determine what they want it to do.

For examples the children will be able to create their own games based around the Mover Kit. They can also come up with useful ways to use the Mover Kit, or maybe even make their own costumes as the Mover Kit will come with a series of LEDs that can light up. “Kids can then create their own “modes” on the Mover Kit by programming the motion sensor (accelerometer), compass (magnetometer) and rainbow lights (LEDs) with our online platform called Make, designed specifically for kids to make and code.”

That being said, the Mover Kit isn’t the first gadget that teaches kids to code. Earlier this year we saw researchers create a robot called Root that was also designed to help make coding a more fun and interactive experience for children, but if the Mover Kit sounds like something you think your kids might be more interested in, hit up its Kickstarter page to help lend your support.

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