music-memos-appleBack in the day if you wanted to listen to an artist’s record, you’d have to buy it. Then iTunes came along in which you could then purchase it digitally, or track by track if you don’t want the entire thing. However at the end of the day, it was still the same concept in which you pay a fixed price and get a certain amount of music.


Given that this could add up to a lot of money for music listeners, it is understandable why some have turned to piracy, but with music streaming, it’s a fixed price every month for as much music as you can handle. This is why it isn’t surprising to learn that according to Warner Music, they have announced that music streaming from platforms like Spotify and Apple Music ended up being their being source of recorded music revenue in the first quarter of the year.

Like we said this shouldn’t be surprising because earlier this year, a report from Nielsen actually found that music streaming doubled in 2015, and a report from the RIAA also found that music streaming’s revenue actually outpaced that of downloads, indicating that music streaming is fast becoming the widely-accepted medium of music consumption these days, but what do you guys think? Have you hopped on board the music streaming bandwagon yet?

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