NVIDIA sued Samsung back in 2014 alleging that the Korean company was infringing on its patents. Samsung responded by suing NVIDIA for alleged patent infringement and the U.S. International Trade Commission first found Samsung not guilty of infringing on NVIDIA’s patents and later ruled that NVIDIA was infringing on Samsung’s patents instead. It all became a bit messy but both companies have announced today that a settlement has been reached in this matter.

The previous ruling by the ITC judge held NVIDIA liable of infringing on three of Samsung’s patents and it could have faced a potential sales ban because of it.

A joint statement announcing this settlement was released hours before the U.S. International Trade Commission was due to announce its final ruling on this matter. By doing so NVIDIA has avoided a potential ban on the import of its graphics cards.

The statement also revealed that a “small number” of patents will by licensed by each company to the other but there won’t be any other compensation or broad cross-licensing of patents for that matter.

Now that an agreement has been reached between all parties involved, this case also included some of NVIDIA’s customers like BioStar Microtech, Jaton, and EliteGroup, all litigation in the district court, the U.S. International Trade Commission and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will now be dismissed.

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