steelseries_rival_700Earlier this year, the folks at SteelSeries introduced a new mouse called the Rival 700. It was pegged for a spring release and the good news is that it will now be available for gamers to purchase. It is priced at $100 which is admittedly pricey, but then again this is what we might expect from gaming mice.

So what so special about the SteelSeries Rival 700? On the surface, the mouse looks like any other gaming mouse. It has a sleek black exterior, but that’s not what the mouse is truly about. One of its stand out features would be the fact that on the side of the mouse, there is a OLED screen.

This screen will show gamers stats about their games, like in-game stats or it can be used to display your team’s logo. If you like keeping track of stats, just glancing at your mouse will be a quick way of doing just that. It will also allow users to tweak the mouse’s settings without having to open its software.

Other than that, the mouse will feature a 16,000 DPI sensitivity, and it will also let users “feel” in-game vibrations. Its optical sensors can also be swapped out if users think it’s time for an upgrade. In any case if you’d like to  get your hands on it, head on over to SteelSeries’s website.

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