xbox oneTorrent apps are a dime a dozen on PCs and Macs, but consoles? As it turns out, the Xbox One will be getting its very own torrent app in the form of the Torrex Pro. Torrex Pro is a torrent app that is available on Windows 10 devices, so it is somewhat established and it will be interesting to see what Xbox gamers will be able to do with it.

The developers of the app recently revealed that they are working to help lay the groundwork for the Universal Windows App. The app will feature a built-in media player which means that you can download videos and watch it in the app without leaving it, although given that apart from downloading games and approved videos/files, access to the Xbox One’s hard drive isn’t something that Microsoft allows gamers.

What this means is that it is unclear as to what the benefits are to downloading and owning a torrent app on your Xbox since using it will probably be different from using it on the PC. Not to mention the copyright issues and piracy issues where it could be seen as Microsoft semi-facilitating piracy by allowing a torrent app on the Xbox One.

In any case we guess we’ll find out more about the app and the extent of its capabilities on the Xbox One following the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, but in the meantime anyone have any ideas?

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