Wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers are a dime a dozen, however when it comes to audio products, we can’t really think of any wearable speakers, or at least until now which is when we came across a device called the Basslet. This is a device that bills itself as a wearable subwoofer, meaning that you can look forward to extra bass from your music while on the go.

So how does this work? Is it essentially a speaker on your wrist? Wouldn’t be noisy and annoying to other users? Sure, it might come across that way, but in reality the Basslet is completely silent to outside users. How it works is that it delivers the beats and the bass from your music directly to you so that you will feel the bass.

Its creators claim that it will allow the wearer to feel like they are completely surrounded by sound. We have to say that it’s a bit hard to imagine what that might sound or feel like, but if bass heavy music is something you’re interested in, or if the tinny sound coming from your smartphone speakers just won’t cut it, then maybe the Basslet could be worth checking out.

Its design is simple and straightforward and it doesn’t particularly stand out, so as far as anyone is concerned, you could be just wearing a watch for all they know. The Basslet has managed to surpass its original goal of €50,000 and has since more than doubled the amount. With 30 days to go the project is more or less funded but you can still get in on it if you want.

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