The other day a tiny snippet of video was released online which seemed to tease Battlefield 1’s upcoming gameplay video. The good news is that if you are curious to see how Battlefield 1 would actually play, you will be pleased to learn that the first official gameplay video has been released, which you can check out for yourself in the video above.

Just like we suspected in the previous video, what we saw then was really the in-game footage which means that if you have the right PC setup, Battlefield 1 is going to look amazing on your computer! The game will also feature things like dynamic weather where players will be put in situations where it is raining, bright, sunny days, fog, and so on, all of which are meant to change the nature of the battlefield you are in.

There is even intuitive destruction in which gamers will be able to destroy the environment they are in, like making a path through walls and so on, thus giving players new strategies to work with. It is also reported that the game will have an open beta later this summer, so if you are looking forward to trying it out, check back with us as we’ll keep an eye out for more information regarding the beta.

In the meantime Battlefield 1 has been set for a release on the 21st of October where it will be available on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 (no mention of next-gen consoles yet).

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