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Premium Passes For Battlefield 1 And Battlefield 4 Are Free This Week
Players who own the base Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 game will be delighted to know that the Premium Pass for each title is free this week. Premium Pass is what EA calls the season pass for these titles. EA has followed up its recent giveaways of DLC packs for the titles over the past few months by offering the entire season pass for free to those who own the […]

Battlefield 5 Name Confirmed, EA Releases Official Logo
There has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming Battlefield title. EA had previously confirmed that it would be releasing a new Battlefield title this year. Previous reports had suggested that the new title might be called Battlefield 5. EA has now confirmed that the upcoming game is indeed called Battlefield 5 and it has even revealed the official logo of the game through Twitter.

First Battlefield 1 DLC Goes Free On Xbox And PC
If you own Battlefield 1 but didn’t quite get around to buying its first paid DLC then you’re in luck. The first Battlefield 1 DLC has gone free for a limited time albeit only on Xbox One and PC. It’s actually free for the next couple of weeks so you have all the time in the world to download it before the clock runs out.

Battlefield 1 To Release One Of Its Premium Maps For Free This Week
The thing about games these days is that developers and publishers love to create DLCs for them, in which they then charge gamers extra to gain access to new content for the game. Of course not all gamers see the need to pay for DLCs, and for some they end up passing on such content.


Battlefield 1: Turning Tides Expansion Detailed
EA today detailed the next expansion for Battlefield 1. Called Turning Tides, the expansion is going to be released in December and it’s going to bring a lot of new content for players. New weapons, maps, a new operation, and more have been promised by EA. Players will experience all-out war on the new battlefields of Gallipoli and the North Sea.

Battlefield 1 Goes Free For EA And Origin Access
Electronic Arts recently confirmed that it was going to make two very popular games available for free to EA Access and Origin Access subscribers. The titles that will be available for free to subscribers of both services are Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1. After following through on its promise for Titanfall 2 last month, EA has now added Battlefield 1 to the Vault for EA and Origin Access.

Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition Spotted On Amazon France
In case you haven’t gotten a chance to play EA’s Battlefield 1 yet, not to worry because if a listing on Amazon France (via DualShockers) is accurate, it seems that EA could be preparing Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition, which from what we can tell consists of the entire game and then some.

Battlefield 1 And Titanfall 2 Will Be Free Soon For EA Access Subscribers
Two of EA’s most popular games will be available for free for those who subscribe to its EA Access and Origin Access services. The subscription-based services provide subscribers with a vault of games that they can access. All games contained in the vault are playable for free for as long as the subscriber continues to pay for the service. EA has now said that both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 […]

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Female Soldiers Included In New DLC
The next DLC for Battlefield 1 is called Name of the Tsar. The core addition that the downloadable content pack does to the game is the Russian Army. The DLC also brings four new maps as well as Russian soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. EA has also confirmed that Battlefield 1 multiplayer female soldiers are included in this DLC as well.

Battlefield 1 Free Trial For Xbox One And PC Coming This Weekend
Battlefield 1 is no doubt a great game but if you’ve read all of the reviews and seen all of the gameplay videos but still haven’t purchased it, perhaps a free trial is going to change your mind. Electronic Arts has confirmed that a Battlefield 1 free trial for Xbox One and PC will be live this weekend. You might be thinking that I missed one console but I haven’t. […]

All Four Battlefield 1 Expansions Detailed
EA and DICE today revealed details about all four Battlefield 1 expansions that are going to be released in the coming months. These DLCs will be available for purchase individually or as part of the $50 Premium Pass for Battlefield 1. It has already confirmed previously what the first expansion is going to be called – They Shall Not Pass – and what it’s going to bring to the game.

Battlefield 1 February Update Release Due Next Week
DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 1 February update is going to be released next month. The confirmation came through a tweet posted on its official account so while it didn’t really confirm what’s included in the Battlefield 1 February update, it did tell us when the update is going to be released. That counts for something.

New Maps In Battlefield 1 DLC Revealed
Electronic Arts has been teasing the first DLC for the popular Battlefield 1 title over the past few weeks. It has now revealed which new maps will be offered as part of this downloadable expansion pack titled They Shall Not Pass. As we’ve seen previously, this DLC is heavily focused on the French Army that makes an appearance in Battlefield 1 with this DLC. They Shall Not Pass features four […]

New Battlefield 1 DLC Teased
Battlefield 1 was undoubtedly one of the most hotly-anticipated games of 2016 and it’s safe to say that the new game did not disappoint. Those who picked up a copy are now waiting for the DLC to arrive. DICE has released a new teaser which confirms that it’s going to provide more information about the new Battlefield 1 DLC titled They Shall Not Pass next week.

Free Battlefield 1 DLC Map Detailed In New Trailer
Battlefield 1 was one of the most highly anticipated titles of this year and it’s safe to say that the game lived up to the expectations of fans. EA will continue to release post-launch content for Battlefield 1 in the months to come. It has released a new trailer today detailing the free Battlefield 1 DLC map called Giant’s Shadow. The trailer sheds some light on what players can expect […]

Battlefield 1 DLC Will Bring The Russian Empire
Battlefield 1 developer DICE confirmed even before the game was launched that the first DLC for the game is going to bring the French army. It has now been revealed that the Russians will be joining the French as post-launch factions for Battlefield 1. Players will thus have countless options to play the game as since Battlefield 1 already has more factions than any other game in this series.

Battlefield 1’s First Week Sales Outperforms Battlefield 4 & Hardline
With gaming franchises such as EA’s Battlefield still continuing to churn out games on an annual basis after so many years, we’re sure some are wondering if maybe gamers are getting a little tired of it. After all there are only so many ways that one can create an FPS before it starts feeling a little long in the tooth, right?

Battlefield 1 Players Get Exclusive WWI-Inspired Skin In Titanfall 2
Sometimes there are perks if you buy games from the same developer/publisher, something that the folks at EA have recently demonstrated by announcing what seems to be an exclusive skin in Titanfall 2 that will be available to gamers who also own a copy of Battlefield 1. Both games are published by EA.

Battlefield 1 Early Access For Xbox One And PC Goes Live A Day Early
Those who subscribe to EA and Origin Access would be interested in finding out that Battlefield 1 is available right now for them on Xbox One and PC. Early access to the game was actually supposed to go live tomorrow but it appears that Battlefield 1 early access for Xbox One and PC has gone live today. Subscribers can download the game right now and start playing the Battlefield 1 […]

Latest Battlefield 1 Teaser Shows Off Heavy Weapons
Battlefield is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated games of 2016. EA has been doing well to keep the hype going by teasing us with footage from the game. It has released a new Battlefield 1 teaser today which showcases some seriously heavy weaponry. The teaser actually provides us a glimpse of the Avanti Savoia mission.