Image credit - Pari Dukovic

Image credit – Pari Dukovic

Tony Fadell is known for several things, one of which is helping create the iPod, an iconic piece of hardware in terms of media players, and also for helping to co-found Nest, a company that has helped lead the charge in terms of creating smart and connected household objects. However just like his time at Apple was up, it seems like he is also done at Nest.

In a blog post on Nest’s website, Fadell revealed that he would be leaving the company. It might seem sudden, but according to Fadell, the transition actually began late last year. “Although this news may feel sudden to some, this transition has been in progress since late last year and while I won’t be present day to day at Nest, I’ll remain involved in my new capacity as an advisor to Alphabet and Larry Page. This will give me the time and flexibility to pursue new opportunities to create and disrupt other industries.”

Nest will now be run by Marwan Fawaz who will be the new CEO of the company, who also used to be an executive at Motorola Mobility. Nest was acquired by Google back in 2014. They even tasked Fadell with redesigning Google Glass although things have been rather quiet on that end for a while now.

That being said, Fadell is far from being inactive. He has funded several different startups since, one of which we wrote about which was Actev Motors, a company that he hopes will be able to create a smart go-kart for kids.

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