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Some of us work really hard to craft tweets that get dozens of retweets soon after we send them out, but for a vast majority of twitter users, regularly getting retweets can be a rare occurrence. If you are one of those users, Twitter is here to help you out. The microblogging network has announced that it has now made it much easier for users to retweet or quote themselves.

Quoting yourself on Twitter hasn’t always been that straightforward. You were required to copy the link to your previous tweet and paste it in the new tweet just to show people that you had rightly called something or made a correct prediction.

It’s much easier when you have to quote somebody else. Just click on the button and write your own comments on it and send it out. Now it’s going to get easier to do that to your own tweets.

Retweeting your own tweets is exactly like retweeting someone else. Just tap on the icon and you’re good to go. Quoting yourself works the same way as well, so you can now start going through all of your previous hilarious tweets and share them with your followers once again because everybody likes to see rehashed content on the internet, right?

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