It’s not uncommon to drive up to an intersection that has no traffic light, limited visibility, and a constant flow of traffic, or a mix of the three. It thus becomes quite stressful to turn left or go straight through while crossing multiple lanes of oncoming traffic. It can prove to be even harder during rush hour making it very difficult for drivers to cross or turn. Waze now wants to help you navigate all of that.


Waze has created a new routing feature to handle this hyperlocal driving issue. The feature is called difficult intersections. The feature is rolling out first in Los Angeles. It’s going to bypass difficult intersections along the route whenever it’s possible to ensure that users have a safer and less stressful drive.

The company says that this feature has been designed to balance an efficient ETA while reducing as many of these difficult intersections as possible. Waze will calculate the best possible route that bypasses difficult intersections by default. If bypassing the route will make the drive significantly longer then a driver may still be routed through a difficult intersection.

Waze has enabled the difficult intersections feature by default for all users in Los Angeles. Those who prefer to tackle these intersections on their own can choose to disable the feature in settings. This feature will be expanded to New Orleans soon and later in markets that are identified by the Waze community.

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