xbox one s with gamesThe Xbox One S was officially announced yesterday and according to the announcement, the console will be pretty much the same as the Xbox One in terms of features, save for the fact that it comes with a 2TB version, is slimmer with a built-in power brick, and also the ability to support 4K playback and HDR.

Based on all this, it sounds like it is essentially just a slimmer version of the Xbox One, meaning that performance should be the same, or is it? Apparently that isn’t the case. Speaking to Polygon, Gears of War 4’s developer, The Coalition Studio, claims otherwise. According to the studio’s head Rod Fergusson, the Xbox One S will actually be slightly more powerful than the current Xbox One.

Fergusson claims that the increased power comes from the increased raw GPU and CPU power in the Xbox One S, and that the studio has been able to take advantage of that to help improve Gears of War 4 in areas which are more demanding, thus ensuring that the frame rate and resolution will remain more consistent throughout the game.

Like we said, Microsoft made no such mention of an increase in GPU or CPU power, but assuming the information is accurate, it is a nice surprise especially since it is priced the same as the current Xbox One. The Xbox that will see a notable increase in power would be Project Scorpio that is set for a release in 2017. In the meantime the Xbox One S is currently available for pre-order.

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