hasselblad dji droneHasselblad is a camera company. DJI makes drones. While it might seem like they’re unrelated, cameras and drones actually go hand-in-hand. DJI thinks so which is why in 2015 they invested in a minority stake in Hasselblad, and it looks like in 2016 we are finally treated to the fruits of that partnership in the form of the A5D-M600 drone.

DJI already makes some pretty awesome drones, but now this drone comes with Hasselblad’s A5D aerial camera mounted on it which should make for some stunning footage. The camera packs a 50mm f/3.5 lens that has been preset at an infinity focus, meaning that focusing should not be a problem and is one less thing for the drone pilot to worry about when controlling it.

The camera also features the company’s 50MP CMOS sensor which according to Hasselblad, “The sensors are almost twice the size of those used in today’s best 35mm DSLR cameras and the A5D lens comes in 50mm.” The M600 drone will be capable of carrying a payload of up to 6kg, meaning that it can handle the A5D camera and the optional Ronin-MX gimbal.

Unfortunately the entire setup is not cheap and it is clearly aimed at professionals. The drone itself is priced at around $5,000, but if you want it together with the A5D, the bundle will set you back an eye-watering $26,000.

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