kickstarter-pledgeEvery now and then we cover projects launched on Kickstarter. The benefits to projects on Kickstarter is that instead of a group of people deciding whether or not a product is viable, it is left to the public whom the product will be sold to. Successfully funded projects are usually a sign that yes, this is something the people want.

This in turn has created a ton of amazing new products, like the Pebble smartwatch and the Oculus Rift. However a side effect of those new products is that it has also managed to create a ton of jobs. In a study (via Engadget) by a certain Professor Ethan Mollick of the University of Pennsylvania, it seems that Kickstarter has so far managed to create over 300,000 jobs.

According to Mollick, 283,000 those jobs are part-time jobs, while 29,600 are full time jobs. Kickstarter has also successfully led to the creation of 8,800 companies. Of course not all the companies created on Kickstarter have been successful. We have seen many projects fail to reach their funding goals.

We’ve also seen projects that sounded like dream projects and have had huge successes only to crash and burn once they have made it to the market. However we suppose at the end of the day, it does prove that Kickstarter is a pretty viable platform if you’re looking to launch a new career/product.

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