samsung-odyssey-VRAs it stands, the Samsung Gear VR is the company’s VR headset. However the only downside to the Gear VR is that it requires users to own a Samsung handset in order to power it, which in turn further limits its capabilities and its reach. However could Samsung be working on a standalone VR headset?

Thanks to a recent trademark filing, it seems that Samsung has filed for the trademark for the name “Odyssey”. Granted it could mean just about anything and used for just about any product, however the registration also unearthed some potential logos which as you can see in the image above, has the words “VR” clearly written on it.

Now it is entirely possible that the Odyssey is the next-generation Gear VR that will still require users to own a smartphone (or a Samsung smartphone) to power it, so don’t get too excited about a standalone headset just yet. Assuming the speculation is true, Samsung will be entering a market that is pretty competitive at the moment.

We have headsets from the likes of Oculus, HTC/Valve, and Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR, meaning that Samsung’s headset had better pack some impressive features if they’re hoping to steal customers away from the other companies who have had a lead on Samsung for the past few months already.

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