1passwordIt has been suggested by security experts that we should make our passwords varied, and that we probably shouldn’t reuse the same passwords because if a hacker figured out one password, they could then attempt to apply it to all the websites and services we use, so obviously you wouldn’t want them to have the “master key”, right?


That being said, remembering 10-20 different passwords can be a chore which is why password managers can come in handy. The good news is that if you are shopping about for a password manager, the folks at AgileBits have announced (via MacRumors) that they will be introducing a subscription plan for 1Password for individual users.

This subscription service will see users pay $2.99 a month and to top it off, users will also be given 6 months for free when they sign up, essentially saving themselves close to $18 in the process. The subscription will allow 1Password users to use the service across multiple devices at once, as well as 1GB of free storage for documents.

We should point out that if you only plan to use a password manager for one computer/device, there are alternatives such as LastPass which is free if all you need is a tool to manage your passwords. Obviously there are differences in the service so we guess it will boil down to what you need.

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