adidas 3dWe’ve seen 3D printed motorcycles, 3D printed body parts, so really the notion of 3D printed shoes shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Imagine being able to walk into a shoe store and get a pair of sneakers that fit you just right, wouldn’t that be a dream? Now Adidas has in the past dabbled in 3D printed sneakers, but they’re taking it to the next level now.

Dubbed the 3D Printed Winners Shoe, it would seem that Adidas are handing out these 3D printed sneakers to athletes taking part in the Olympics, although as the name implies, these sneakers will only be given to athletes who have won a medal, so for those who haven’t, we guess tough luck.

According to Adidas, these sneakers will feature the company’s trademark Primeknit for the upper portion of the shoe, while sporting a 3D printed midsole as well as a 3D printed heel counter. Adidas claims that by integrating the heel counter into the midsole, they were able to avoid the usual process of glueing and stitching, which should hopefully make it more durable.

The best part is that these sneakers aren’t just for show. Apparently they can be used meaning that if athletes wanted to take them out for a run, they should be able to do so without worrying that they would break halfway. Unfortunately there is no word on when these sneakers will be released to the masses.

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