Amazon Prime Now is the online retail giant’s same-day delivery service that ships select products to subscribers on the same day. The service is live in several cities across the United States and today it’s offering a completely new experience that’s different from conventional purchases. It’s allowing customers in supported cities to order a test drive from Hyundai as part of a new program called “Prime Now. Drive Now.”


Amazon Prime Now users can conveniently book a test drive. They won’t have to visit a dealership, they just need to fire up Amazon Prime Now and select a test drive window from 9 am to 7 pm. This enables them to effortless schedule a test drive lasting up to 60 minutes.

A “trained expert” will bring the Hyundai to the customer’s door at the selected time and the test drive will then begin. If the customer gets interested enough to purchase the car, the expert will help them find the nearest Hyundai dealership.

Currently, the only car that’s included in this program is the 2017 Hyundai Elantra. Test drives are currently limited to Los Angeles and Orange County. The program is also being run for a limited time and will be live next on August 27-28.

Whether or not this will convince Amazon to morph this into a proper feature for Amazon Prime Now subscribers remains to be seen. I must say, there’s a certain charm to have a car you’re interested in pull up right outside your door for you to take a test driver. Beats having to go to the dealership yourself.

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