google-drone-meetingDrones right now are largely outdoor devices, but who’s to say that they can’t be used indoors, right? Google certainly doesn’t seem to think so. In fact a recently discovered patent has revealed the company has toyed with the idea of creating a drone that could be used indoors, such as in a meeting room.

So how does that work? Basically this drone comes with the usual features, like a microphone, webcam, speakers, and so on. There is even a display on the front and as you can imagine, it will also be able to follow users around the room. While we’re not sure what Google’s intentions are, we can only imagine that this could be handy in trying to create video conferences that are more dynamic.

Right now video conferences consist of people just sitting in front of a webcam and a computer and talking. So imagine if you had a presentation you wanted to show off, or maybe if you want to give prospective overseas clients a tour of your facilities, this drone would let you do that while presumably being able to maintain a live feed.

Of course someone might need to fly the drone, but either way as it only exists as a patent, it’s hard to tell how serious Google is about making it a reality, but what do you guys think of it anyway?

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