Google has introduced an additional security feature for those who use Android devices. It’s going to send native notifications to users when new devices are being added to their Google account. This will instantly let the user know that a new device is being added to their account and will enable them to take the relevant action. Thus users will remain aware of who has access to their account and what devices are being used with it.

The company has decided to notify users through native notifications instead of emails because it has found that users are up to four times as likely to review the information when prompted by a native notification as compared to an email.

The native Android notifications will let users know of security events on their account which include the addition of a new device.

If the user finds the activity suspicious they can tap on “Review Account Activity” to get details like what device was added to their account and from where aside from other relevant information. The notification can be dismissed like any other Android notification. If they find the activity suspicious they can tap on “Secure Account” to block unauthorized access to their account.

This feature is going to be rolled out for all users in the very near future.

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