gopro-hero-plusSo we have been hearing quite a bit about the upcoming GoPro HERO5. One of the features we heard was that it would sport a touchscreen display, a feature that was only available on some of the models in the previous generation, but it seems that’s not all. According to the folks at The Verge, voice control could be a feature as well.

This is apparently based on an unfinished version of the user manual. According to the manual, it lists several voice commands that users can use to control the camera without their hands. For example they can say, “GoPro turn on” to turn on the camera, or “GoPro start video”, to begin video capture. There’s even a phrase that reads, “That was sick” that will add a “HiLight Tag” to the video.

There is actually another phrase that users can use to do the same thing, but we guess maybe in the moment saying, “That was sick!” would be more appropriate than “GoPro HiLight”. Other voice commands include the ability to take a photo, start/end a timelapse, and to turn the camera off.

It is unclear if these are all the voice commands available for the camera, or if there are more that will be revealed at launch. Also it is unclear if the camera could be updated to include more commands, but either way we guess we’ll have to wait for the official announcement to find out more.

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