Are you interested in creating virtual reality content? If yes, then GoPro has just the thing to sell you. GoPro announced its Omni virtual reality rig earlier this year and has today announced that it’s going to start selling this product from August 17th. Bear in mind though that it’s not cheap and is definitely priced higher than what most amateur VR aficionados would want to spend on a rig.

GoPro’s Omni virtual reality rig is basically made up of six Hero 4 Black cameras stored in a metal housing shaped like a cube. Customers get all of the hardware and software required to capture and stitch 360-degree footage using the Omni.

At this price point, it’s accessible to the average consumer who is willing to spend that much but is affordably priced for proper filmmakers who want to dabble in virtual reality. It appears that GoPro was shooting for the sweet spot as far as the price is concerned about it may have hit the nail on the head so to speak.

GoPro Omni rig costs $5,000. If you find that a bit too expensive but would still like to create VR experiences, perhaps you should check out the Samsung Gear 360. It’s relatively affordable at $350 and will soon be widely available across the United States.

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