itunes-classicalWith contemporary music like pop, albums usually come with a bunch of songs. Sure, there might be an overarching theme to the album, but for the most part the songs can be enjoyed by themselves in any order. However for classical music, it isn’t always the case which means that when it comes to arranging your music, classical music can be a bit tricky.

However according to a report from Kirkville, it seems that the latest iTunes 12.5 beta has added some new features which are aimed at classical music fans. Prior to this, classical music users had to rely on the iTunes Grouping tag to help group their classical music into works and movements, but as you can see in the screenshot to the right, Apple has actually added those options into iTunes directly.

This means that classical music listeners will be able to sort their tunes more easily than before. Users will be able to enter the work name, movement name, and movement number, and iTunes will be smart enough to sort it accordingly. However as Kirkville points out, this isn’t a perfect solution yet as there is no way to link movements together (yet) and sometimes the names are too long to be read in full.

However this is still a pretty good effort by Apple to acknowledge listeners of other genres. This iTunes beta is part of macOS Sierra so chances are we will see its release alongside the platform’s public release, or maybe when the new iPhones are launched.

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