For the past few weeks, Microsoft has been looking into complaints from many Surface Pro 3 owners regarding significant battery drain. A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft confirmed that the issue has nothing to do with the hardware itself and that it appears to be fixable via software. Microsoft has now said that it’s going to do just that. It’s going to fix the Surface Pro 3 battery issues by sending out a software fix which will hopefully put the issue to rest once and for all.

Microsoft has created a fix for the issue and it will be sent out to Surface Pro 3 owners as soon as it completes testing. The company is confident that it’s going to fix the issue which is why it’s advising Surface Pro 3 owners against asking for a hardware replacement.

Naturally, not all Surface Pro 3 owners are pleased. Some say they have already paid significant replacement fees of $450 or more to get new models which Microsoft has now confirmed are not necessary.

Others are concerned that their tablet’s battery will become unusable by the time Microsoft comes out with the patch and that will require them to go for a replacement anyway. Microsoft is yet to confirm if these customers will receive any sort of compensation for all they have gone through.

It is still unclear at this point in time when Microsoft is going to release the fix that’s going to put an end to these Surface Pro 3 battery issues.

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