amiiboYou would think that physical toys and videogames are mutually exclusive, meaning that children will either have to choose between playing with a toy or playing videogames. However Nintendo (and other companies) have attempted to bridge that gap, and in Nintendo’s case we saw the launch of Amiibo figurines which have proven to be extremely popular.


Now with Nintendo starting to invest in mobile gaming, does that mean that support for Amiibo will eventually arrive for smartphones? The good news is that yes, that is a possibility. Speaking to IGN, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto was quoted as saying, “There’s nothing we can announce today but It’s certainly an area we’re interested in, and today Apple announced some new news about their NFC technology.”

Like Miyamoto said, the company has nothing to announce right now, but he has acknowledged that this is something that Nintendo is interested in exploring. It is also interesting that he brought up NFC, although we’re not 100% sure what he could mean. During Apple’s iPhone event, the company announced that Apple Pay would be arriving in Japan.

They also announced that the new iPhones and Apple Watches would support FeliCa Type-F NFC which is the standard used in Japan, so we’re not sure if Miyamoto’s NFC reference could be about this technology, but either way for fans of the Amiibo series, this could be something worth looking forward to.

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