apple-watch2-ceramicWhen the Apple Watch was a rumor, one of the rumors back then suggested that Apple could be launching a $10,000 version of the device. It later turned out to be true when Apple unveiled the gold Apple Watch Edition. However fast forward about a year later, it seems that Apple might have discontinued that particular model.

It has been noted that the gold Apple Watch Edition models are no longer available for purchase from the Apple Online Store. During Apple’s announcement yesterday, the company unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 and with the new watches, Apple also introduced a new “Edition” which is made out of ceramic.

The ceramic Apple Watch Edition is by no means cheap and is priced starting at over $1,000, but it is still considerably more affordable than the $10,000 gold models from before. Judging from the fact that the gold versions are no longer available, it would seem that the ceramic models have replaced them.

It is unclear as to why Apple discontinued the gold models, but we can only assume that this is because it was just too pricey to be popular. We’re not sure how much more popular the ceramic version will cost, but like we said, with it being about a tenth of the price of the gold version, it is certainly a lot more accessible.

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