If you swim for exercise or competitively, you know that it can be pretty tiring. However thanks to technology, there is now a way for you to exert less energy while swimming faster. This is thanks to the Bixpy Jet, a propulsion system that will help you “swim” faster while using up less energy.


As you can see in the video above, the Bixpy Jet is a small-ish device. It’s not exactly tiny but it is small enough to fit into a bag and also small enough where you can use it with one hand. It can even be attached to things, such as a kayak, a paddle board, or like we said, you can just hold it and be propelled forward.

According to its creators, they boast that it is powerful enough where it is capable of pushing a kayak or paddle board at speeds of over 7 mph! Now there are all kinds of use for such a device, such as diving underwater where the Bixpy Jet will allow you to dive deeper and faster, or maybe allow you to chase after sea life for photos – the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately the Bixpy Jet will not come cheap. It is priced at $550 for early birds, and it is expected to retail for $750 normally, so we guess this isn’t really something you’d buy just for the heck of it. To learn more or pledge your support, you can head on over to its Kickstarter page.

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