We’re not sure what’s up with Nissan and creating automated furniture, but you might recall that earlier this year, the company unveiled an intelligent parking chair that would basically have the ability to push itself back under the table after being used during a meeting, or maybe at the end of the work day.


Not satisfied with that, Nissan has since gone on to reveal the ProPILOT Chair, another autonomous piece of furniture that the company is trying to market to restaurants in Japan. If you’ve ever been to Japan, especially Tokyo, you know that in Japan people seem to queue for almost everything and anything. In fact if you don’t make dinner reservations and it is a particularly popular restaurant, be prepared to either wait or not go in at all.

These chairs are meant to cater to restaurants which have long queues, so instead of customers having to stand in line, the chairs will be provided to them for sitting. When it detects that the chair in front of it has moved, it will move along with it as well, thus allowing patrons to remain seated while moving along in the queue. It is a completely novel concept but like we said, if you’ve ever been to Japan, you know that the queue is real.

Nissan is currently accepting applications from restaurants in Japan who might be interested in the technology, and those who are chosen can expect to have their restaurants outfitted with these chairs come 2017.

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