lg-g5_hands-on_02LG and Samsung are very close rivals so sometimes it’s not surprising to see both companies launch similar-ish products. With the LG G6, it seems that the company could be taking cues from Samsung because according to the latest rumors, the handset is said to come with an iris scanner onboard.

In case you didn’t know, iris scanning was a feature introduced to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not too long ago. It’s not exactly new technology as companies such as Fujitsu have implemented similar features to its phone back in 2015, but given Samsung’s reach, they have helped make the feature more mainstream, like what Apple did with Touch ID and fingerprint scanning which has since become more or less a staple for smartphones these days.

However one of the rumored differences between LG and Samsung’s tech is that LG will combine both the scanner and front-facing camera into a single unit, whereas Samsung had two separate units for the camera and scanner. Other than being smaller, we’re not sure how LG’s module will perform or if it will be faster/better than Samsung’s.

This is actually not the first time we heard rumors of LG adopting iris scanners, so perhaps there could be some truth to this. Plus Qualcomm’s exclusivity with Samsung should be running out which means that apart from LG, we can expect to see other OEMs adopt iris scanning tech in the future.

In other rumors, LG is also said to adopt the same MST technology into the LG G6 for mobile payments (also used by Samsung Pay). There are also rumors that LG could be doing away with the Friends modular accessories, although the company has sort of hinted that it might stay.

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