playstation_vrWalk into any gaming retailer or electronics retailer and you’ll have no problems finding demo units on hand to test. This is because most retailers know how important it is to test out a product for yourself before you buy, because buying without knowing what you’re getting into isn’t exactly smart shopping.


However over in the UK, it seems that some GAME stores are charging customers to test out the PlayStation VR before buying it. In a tweet by the retailer’s Bromley outlet, it reads, “Thinking about purchasing #PSVR ? Come and try it in store today! £5 for 10 minutes or £15 for 30 minutes!”

Yup, this means that if you decide that maybe the PlayStation VR isn’t for you, you’d be out £15 if you decided to trial the 30 minute package. Other GAME outlets have been more “generous” by waiving the demo fee if you were to actually purchase the device, like this tweet by GAME’s Bullring outlet. “Thinking about getting a #PlayStationVR? Book an experience @GAME_Bullring today and if you decide to buy, the experience is free. #GameVR”

Now it is possible that maybe because they’d rather not customers wreck the demo units while testing it out that by imposing a fee, they’ll limit the number of customers to those who are more serious, but what do you guys think? Would you be willing to pay to demo an electronic product?

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