Some of the new features of Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pros is the Touch Bar and Touch ID. Now for those who rely on password managers, you’ll be pleased to learn that 1Password has been recently updated with support for both Touch Bar and Touch ID, so if you are planning on getting the new laptops, those are some new features worth checking out.


With Touch ID, it acts pretty much the same as on the iPhone in which users can use Touch ID to verify themselves if they want to sign into the service and check your account. As for Touch Bar, this is where it gets interesting as users will now be able to navigate the app and do a bunch of functions on it.

With Touch Bar, it will allow users to switch easily between their 1Password vaults. This means if you have separate vaults for work, home, and/or school, Touch Bar will let users swap between those vaults easily. It will also allow users to create website logins easily, and also to help generate passwords and adjusting the strength of them to their liking.

Of course all of this hinges on you getting the new MacBook Pro. If you are planning to or have already placed your order, then do check it out when your new laptop has arrived. For those who haven’t, we’re not sure if this is necessarily a killer feature, but undoubtedly it will add a level of convenience.

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