iphone-7-plus-dual-camera-BApple believes that augmented reality is the future and that it could have the potential to do better than virtual reality. Given the success of Pokemon GO, we’re inclined to agree, although we guess we’ve yet to see a truly killer VR application. Now according to Business Insider, Apple could be considering integrating AR tech into the iPhone’s camera app.

We’re not sure what kind of features Apple is planning by integrating AR into the camera app, but we can only assume it could help overlay information on the screen, such as location, maybe some tips on how to make the photo look better, put objects inside the photo, and so on. It could also potentially be used for navigation purposes where the camera app could also point users to their destination, or bring up coupons or deals when pointing at shops.

Basically the possibilities are endless, and with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook waxing poetic about the technology, if anything it would be more surprising if they did not find a way to use it in their products and services. Let’s not forget that Apple also acquired AR company Metaio a while back, furthering their AR efforts.

Naturally this should be taken with a grain of salt, but we have heard recent rumors that Apple could be considering using AR to create smart glasses or for a car driving system.

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