apple_logoSmart glasses aren’t exactly new in terms of technology. We’ve seen Google attempt it with Google Glass, Snapchat with Spectacles, and Microsoft with HoloLens, although that seems more of a headset than smart glasses. Now it seems that there is a possibility that we can add Apple to that list.

According to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that they have heard from their sources that Apple could be considering a new wearable device that comes in the form of smart glasses. Before you get too excited, Bloomberg notes that at the moment this seems to be more in its exploratory phase rather than developmental, meaning that Apple is still exploring the idea and fleshing it out as opposed to actually working on it.

The idea is that the device would connect to the iPhone and will rely on augmented reality technology to project images onto the lens. Given that Apple’s CEO has constantly sung the praises of the technology, going as far as saying it could be part of our daily lives, the choice of going AR instead of VR makes sense.

Apple is also said to have placed small orders of near-eye displays from one of their suppliers, but like we said, it is still exploratory. Will Apple push ahead with this project? We guess that remains to be seen, but so far none of the smart glasses that have been launched have been particularly successful, so color us skeptical until then.

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