Pretty much all the wearables that we see in the market today are catered towards humans, which we guess kind of makes sense, but what about animals? What if we own pets or livestock that we need to look after the same way that we take care of ourselves? Isn’t it a bit mean to leave them out of the fun?


The good news is that if you breed horses and you want something hi-tech to help you check up on their health and well-being, you’ll be pleased to learn about a Kickstarter project for a device called the Equisense Care, which we guess can only be described as the Fitbit for horses. This is a bodysuit worn by the horse that can monitor its vitals and its activity.

For example it can measure how long a horse spends moving, time spent at each each, the distance it travels, its heart rate, respiratory rate, perspiration, and time spent sleeping. Its creators are also envisioning that in the future, they will be able to measure the horse’s body temperature, agitation, and time spent eating.

All of this information is expected to allow the horse’s owner to make more informed decisions regarding the horse’s care and health. There is also an optional subscription package in which the data collected will be sent over mobile data. The alternative to this is that you’ll have connect your smartphone to the sensor via Bluetooth to retrieve the information which will no longer be in real-time.

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