smart ev chargerElectric vehicles today have certainly come a long way from what they used to be several years ago. Not only has their range improved, but there are more EV charging stations made available, meaning that you won’t always need to be so meticulous about planning your route anymore, although we guess it doesn’t hurt to be prudent.

That being said, the number of EV charging stations aren’t quite as many compared to gas stations, but that’s something that the US Department of Transportation is hoping to change. The government agency has announced that they will be creating 48 EV charger “corridors” along the US highways that will cover 35 states and about 25,000 miles.

This means that while you’re driving along those highways, you should be able to find an EV charger about every 50 miles. There will also be signboards put up to let drivers know when charging is available at the next exit. Carmakers such as BMW, GM, and Nissan will be part of the effort, along with ChargePoint and EVgo. There will also be involvement by various power companies.

Unfortunately there is no date as to when these charging stations will be going live, meaning it could be years before the plan is realized. Let’s not forget that charging up an EV takes considerably longer compared to filling up a tank of gas, so that needs to be taken into consideration as well, but either way it’s still a good effort.

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