kickstarter-liveKickstarter is a great platform in which many products have gone from concept to reality. For the most part, a lot of the successful Kickstarter projects we’ve seen involve a fancy video and perfectly shot and posed photos, but Kickstarter is hoping to take things to the next level by announcing a new feature: Kickstarter Live.


As the name implies, basically instead of a pre-recorded video, Kickstarter Live will allow creators to host live video streams and interact with the Kickstarter community at the same time. For example creators can use the live video to show off the progress that they’ve made so far, make real-time announcements, or just engage with their backers directly.

According to Kickstarter, “Over the past few months a select few creators have beta tested Kickstarter Live. They’ve used it to broadcast cooking shows, host live product demos, perform songs, play test games, rehearse a new play, countdown the final seconds of their campaign, and much more. It’s brought their communities closer together, their creativity into the light, and their projects hundreds of new backers.”

The feature was developed with a company based in Vancouver, Canada, called Huzza. Kickstarter expects to continue further developing the feature in the months to come. In the meantime if you are curious, you can head on over to its website to check it out.

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