galaxy-note-7-design_05-black-cameraWith the first round of recalls of the Note 7, we can understand why customers could still be loyal to Samsung. After all everyone makes mistakes and the fact that Samsung worked quickly to resolve it could be commended. However following the second round of recalls and the reports of the Note 7 being a rushed job doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence.

However as it turns out that despite everything that has happened, it might not have damaged Samsung’s brand as much as they might have feared. This is according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos survey in which it was found that Samsung’s customers are still largely remaining loyal to the brand.

The survey found that 91% of current Samsung customers were likely to purchase another Samsung smartphone, while 92% said that they would buy another Samsung product in general. Reuters points out that this is pretty much similar to Apple’s brand loyalty in which 92% said they would buy another iPhone, and another 89% said they were likely to buy another Apple product.

It remains to be seen if this loyalty will be proven as come next year we can look forward to the Galaxy S8, so it will be interesting to see how well the handset will do.

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