Samsung unveiled the Gear S3 smartwatch a couple of months ago. During the announcement, the company revealed that it had been working with Spotify to create a native application for the wearable device. The Gear S3 has since been released but the Spotify app is nowhere to be found. There’s some clarity on the matter now. It appears that the Spotify Gear S3 app is going to be released next month.

The Gear S3 was released about a week back. Samsung is offering two variants of the wearable device, the Gear S3 classic and Gear S3 frontier. Both have more or less the same features, there are only minor design changes and the only big difference is that the Gear S3 frontier has support for cellular connectivity.

Samsung said during the announcement that the Gear S3 has a dedicated Spotify application which will enable users to stream music over Wi-Fi or even 4G. The app was also said to have the ability to save playlists for offline listening.

Those who already have a Gear S3 will know that the app isn’t available right now. Some much-needed clarity comes from the official Facebook page of Samsung Australia in which a representative answered a question related to the app by saying that “The Spotify app is expected to be available by mid-December.”

At least this should calm those who thought that perhaps this app had been discontinued. That no longer appears to be the case but a precise release date will certainly be preferred.

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