samsung_gear_s3_22As per Samsung’s announcement earlier this month, the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatches will be available on the 18th of November. For those who are looking for added connectivity by going with the Gear S3 Frontier with support for LTE, carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile will be selling them.

However it should be noted that for some reason, T-Mobile has decided to sell the Gear S3 Frontier for $399, which is actually $50 more than the version being offered by AT&T. The latter will be offering the smartwatch for $349.99, or if you don’t mind signing a 2-year contract with the carrier, you’ll be able to pick it up for $249.

Like we said, we’re not sure why T-Mobile decided to price the Gear S3 Frontier more expensive than the competition, especially since undercutting other carriers seems to be one of their favorite past times. However as the carrier’s reps have indicated, there are deals that are coming up that could see the smartwatch’s price reduced, so if you don’t mind waiting you could come across a great offer.

Let’s not forget that Black Friday is nearly upon us and is kicking off next week, which means that we can expect additional sales then too, if not from the carriers, then from other retailers. In the meantime you can bookmark T-Mobile’s Gear S3 Frontier page if you want to keep updated on its availability.

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