apple-tv-app-2Have you ever missed out on the opportunity to watch a movie in the cinema? You know that when you do, this means you’ll have to wait for it to appear on digital platforms like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and etc. to watch it, or you’ll have to buy the DVD/Blu-ray for yourself. However the time it takes for movies to arrive on disc or digital platforms can take a while.


However this is a narrative that Apple wants to change because according to a report from Bloomberg, they have heard that Apple is trying to negotiate with the studios in Hollywood about getting movies onto iTunes earlier. How early, you ask? According to the report, Apple is pushing to get movies onto iTunes for rental as early as two weeks after the movie has launched.

Before you get too excited, it seems that early rentals will not come cheap and will be priced at a premium of anywhere between $25-$50, a good many times the price of a normal ticket. We’re not sure why the studios believe that this is a price some are willing to pay, but we can only imagine that this will work out better if users have friends over and everyone is willing to chip in on it.

This deal Apple is trying to negotiate sounds like a similar initiative by Napster’s Sean Parker called Screening Room. At the moment one of the concerns is obviously piracy, where despite movies being encrypted, there is still the off-chance someone could simply record their screens and leak it to the internet.

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