mass_effect-andromeda5Virtual reality gaming seems like the next big thing. We’ve seen how many developers and publishers are creating games for VR, such as the upcoming Resident Evil 7 by Capcom. If you’re hoping that BioWare will be giving Mass Effect: Andromeda the VR treatment, you will be disappointed.

In a recent interview with Stevivor, BioWare’s Michael Gamble who is the producer on Mass Effect: Andromeda said that they will not be launching the game with VR support. This doesn’t mean that Gamble or BioWare is looking down on VR, but rather it seems that Gamble would much prefer creating it specifically for VR in mind, as opposed to creating a port.

Gamble was quoted as saying, “It would be cool. All I would say is that we would never want to quote, unquote ‘port’ a Mass Effect game to VR. We would want to create a custom experience, if we were to ever do it.” Knowing the internet and the possibility of having his words interpreted wrongly, Gamble stressed that there are no plans at the moment to do a VR version of Mass Effect.

However he adds, “If we were to do it, we would want to do a very custom-created experience.” We suppose playing Andromeda in VR would have been fun and immersive, but given that its predecessors were such huge hits even without VR, we reckon not having VR is not necessarily a bad thing.

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