Creating a piece of art or drawing digitally and printing it isn’t exactly a new process. However depending on the quality of your printer, ink, and paper, sometimes the reproduction isn’t quite the same and more often than not, the feel is lost in the process. However that could change thanks to a little robot called Line-us.

Line-us is a robot with an arm that is capable of holding a pen/pencil. Thanks to its accompanying app and internet connectivity, Line-us will be capable of following the strokes that you make using a stylus, finger, or mouse, meaning that as you draw on the screen (or tablet), the robot will follow your movements in real-time and recreate whatever it is that you are doing.

The fact that Line-us is small makes it ideal for all kinds of uses, and one can even mount it on  the fridge where you can write notes on the app and have it write it out on the fridge as well, so you could use it to send messages to someone at home or make notes to remind yourself about upcoming meetings, buying groceries, and so on.

Also the fact that it can use all kinds of pens, markers, and pencils means that its recreations feel more “authentic” as opposed a printer just spraying ink on a page. It is a fun project and it is currently on Kickstarter seeking funding, so if you’d like to pledge your support head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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